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You see mobile handheld computers everywhere, from workers at the car rental agency, grocery stores, retail stores or when a UPS delivery is made.  Your A/C repairman might use one or even the flight attendant selling you a snack or drink.

I bet you saw someone using one this week. But why are they using a device like this and not a consumer device like a smart phone or tablet? There’s not just one answer to this question but there are many factors to consider when making a buying decision.

Business class devices are just made differently than a consumer device.  Have you ever watched someone replace your tires at a shop?  Sure you can do it with your jack and lug wrench but they can do it faster with the air power wrench they use.  Commercial kitchens don’t use the same tools as you do, your dishwasher just won’t hold up in a busy restaurant.

A rugged mobile handheld is more reliable and you won't experience the same amount of downtime as with a consumer device and you will get a better ROI.  These devices don't have the same planned obsolescence of a consumer grade device.

Benefits of a rugged mobile device:

  • Level of ruggedness – Non-Rugged tablets and smartphones are made to be in an office or home type of environment.  Many mobile workers are outside in all climates - in rain and snow, heat and dirt.  They need a mobile computer that can hold up to unpredictable conditions and withstand daily abuse.  Business class mobile computers are more rugged and range from semi-rugged to ultra-rugged and many meet military specs. 
  • Strong Warranties - Some manufactures offer multiple year warranties.  This allows more precise budgeting and higher productivity.
  • Wireless Connectivity – A wide variety of wireless options are available including, WIFI, WLAN, WWAN, Cellular networks. 
  • Security –  Enterprise level security prevents unauthorized access to private data.
  • Printing – You might need to give a customer a receipt or a public safety officer might need to print a ticket.  You can even print on polythermal paper that won’t tear!  There are mobile handheld computers with built in printers and others that communicate with wireless printers. 
  • Accessories - Bar Code scanners, radios, GPS, carrying cases with straps, extended batteries, cameras, magnetic strip readers, anti-microbial cases and covers.  These are just some of the many optional accessories.
  • Power – Most business class rugged handheld devices allow you to just swap out a low battery for a fully charged one.  There is no loss of productivity while you wait for your device to charge up, just swap and go! 

Whether your workers are inside or outside four walls, a rugged mobile device with its stable hardware and software, higher ROI, multiple configurations and better security; a rugged mobile handheld computer is the right choice for you.

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