Cardinal Mobile is a value-added distributor of
cutting-edge handheld computing devices.

Cardinal Mobile is a value-added distributor of cutting-edge handheld computers utilized in today's mobile environments and we have been doing it since 1985. From rugged handheld PCs to industrial touch-screen devices with integrated printers, we offer the latest in mobile technology. Cardinal Mobile will keep you up-to-date on new and improved mobile equipment and efficient ways to move your handheld software to completion.

  • Handheld computer evaluation programs -  Hold a device in your hand rather than comparing brochures and spec sheets. More..

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  • Custom kit service – Let us package your solution with the software and hardware to meet your specific needs.
  • Multiple manufacturer experience –Let us evaluate your needs and recommend the hardware that’s “the right fit”. More..

  • Customizing the customer experience – We develop personal relationships with our customers. More..

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  • Engineering and developer experience – A well-trained staff of mobile device application developers work with you to get your application up and running or selecting the right peripherals.
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  • Online store for mobile handheld accessories - Allows you to quickly order replacement batteries, screen protectors, styluses, chargers and other handheld accessories. More..

  • Nationally Authorized Repair Center – Centrally located in Texas for fast in-house processing. More..

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