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pss mobilety

pss is an industry leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specializing in Software as a Service (SaaS), mobile Automatic Identifications and Data Capture (AIDC), creating solutions for hardware manufacturers, consultants, resellers, and distributors. All pss products are developed in house at the corporate office in Clinton, Massachusetts, USA. pss currently has in excess of 30,000+ software licenses in the field.

Waste management

WASTE MANAGEMENT - Cardinal Mobile supplies mobile hardware used to manage the flow of sharps and biomedical waste for disposal. Items are barcoded and scanned to insure compliance with state and federal regulations


HOLLAND COMPANY- Cardinal Mobile provides rugged mobile handhelds for use in railroad repair reporting in extreme conditions. Wifi hotspots and satellite uplinks are used to send daily repair logs and facilitate a faster billing cycle.

Buddy automotive

BUDDY AUTOMOTIVE - Cardinal Mobile supplies mobile handheld computers, and custom hardware configurations to Buddy Automotive customers for vehicle purchase and parts tracking in automotive recycling yards.


STERLING BOOKS- Cardinal Mobile is the hardware supplier for use in the mobile buying and selling of text books.

lime industries

LIME INDUSTRIES - Cardinal Mobile supplies Rugged Handheld Computers for use in the extreme conditions required in the Natural Gas Industry.

Atmos Energy

ATMOS ENERGY - Cardinal Tracking configures and deploys rugged mobile handhelds and accessories for residential gas installation. Handhelds use bluetooth and high-accuracy GPS to pinpoint meter configurations across the United States.


UNIQLO - Cardinal Tracking configures and deploys mobile handhelds for fashion retail centers in the United States. Devices are pre-configured for wireless networks based on store locations to enable "out of the box" functionality when they arrive at the store.

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value added reseller of handheld computers

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