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Socket SoMo 650

A True Business Class Mobile Computer SOCKET SOMO 650

Download the case study to see how Buddy Automotive Innovations selected and uses the Socket SoMo!

The SoMo 650 makes small - to mid-sized deployments possible and affordable for a wide range of mobile business applications, including sales force automation, inventory management, patient care, merchandising, asset management, mobile POS and hospitality. This durable, customizable handheld computer includes Socket’s enterprise class implementation of Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® to keep you connected.

  • The Right Features - Built to address the market that exists between consumer-oriented PDAs and heavy duty industrial devices, the sleek, durable device features Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Classic OS system to ensure the highest level of mobile application compatibility and give workers a familiar computing environment.
  • Easy to Customize - Flexible design enables ease of customization and integration with Socket and third party peripherals and information systems providing the broadest set of options available to meet your needs.
  • Long Life Cycle - Reduce your total cost of ownership with a longer life cycle than any consumer product on the market today. With a life cycle of three to five years, the SoMo 650 allows you to evaluate, pilot, implement, and support your deployment so you can gain a return on your investment.

Cardinal Mobile offers the following Socket SoMo 650 Models:

Socket Somo

Socket SoMo 650

Socket Somo

SOcket Somo 650

Socket SoMo 650 Standard

The SoMo® 650 is a durable handheld computer packed with power and speed to provide reliable performance in demanding business applications. Expandable and easy to customize, the standard version of the SoMo includes best-in-class Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® wireless communications and is Cisco CCX 4.0 certified for use with Cisco WLAN equipment. More...

Socket Somo 650 rx

Socket SoMo 650 Rx

The SoMo® 650Rx is a hospital-grade handheld computer made with antimicrobial materials that provide an extra layer of protection against the multiplication and spread of potentially harmful bacteria and microbes. More..


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