What is a Mobile Printer?

Mobile workers have printing needs too.  Mobile printers are designed for portability, often hanging from a shoulder or belt strap.  Mobile printers can be used anywhere, they have batteries and are usually connected to a mobile computer via a wireless bluetooth connection. Organizations can create new business processes which take advantage of point-of-transaction printing to improve worker productivity, labeling accuracy and customer responsiveness.

Industrial companies can use mobile printers for pick tickets and shipment labeling. In service industries, mobile printers can be used for ticketing, transaction processing, guest and passenger check in, tableside service and more. Retailers can do shelf price auditing, returns labeling, mobile POS and line-busting with mobile printers. Public Safety officers write moving violation tickets and parking tickets.   The mobile workforce carries printers wherever they go, to issue invoices, label samples and evidence, provide delivery confirmation and other documentation.  

  • Carrying Options -Iincludse devices that may be worn on a belt or shoulder strap, or securely mounted on a vehicle.
  • Accessories- Many accessories are available to make mobile printers more comfortable and convenient to use. Accessories include shoulder straps, belt clips, stands, vehicle mounting units, single- and multi-unit battery chargers, soft cases and more.
  • Wireless Communications – Because mobile applications require user comfort and convenience, wireless connectivity is highly desirable. Most Printers use Bluetooth® technology to replace the cable between printer and computer.  802.11b options are also available.
  • Low Operating Costs – Thermal is the technology of choice for mobile printing because of its high print quality output, media flexibility and the low-maintenance, durable nature of the equipment. Rugged mobile printers use thermal printing technology which use heat not expensive ink.
  • Paper Size Options – 2, 3 or 4 inch wide paper options are available.  Many Public Safety departments use pre-printed ticket rolls that include city seals and directions on the back.

The current generation of mobile printers are lightweight, easy to use, durable, and offer outstanding print quality and graphics. Mobile printers can be used to produce high-quality labels, receipts, coupons, and tickets using a variety of media.

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